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HMMWV turbo conversion

HMMWV turbo conversion

Most newbies assume that a turbo kit is synonymous with power and speed. The turbocharged engine version is the best when one does not want to replace the original engine. Otherwise, one may install a turbo kit to power the existing engine. Installing a turbo kit requires specialized knowledge and incurs a degree of time. It is, however, one of the more natural ways of upgrading a standard Humvee. 

Is there a necessary pre-state of installing a turbo kit?

Any vehicle can accommodate a turbo kit of its fitting. One must consider the following factors while choosing a turbo package:

  • Driveline
  • Chassis parts
  • Original configurations of the engine 

Installation for the best HMMWV turbo conversion

Do not attempt installing a turbo kit if you do not have experience with the standard installation process. The typical installation process depends on the vehicle’s specifics and takes approximately one day for most cases. The turbo will not replace any features of the car unless it is an upgrade of the previous kit. 

Setting up the kit for installation

The professional who receives our HMMWV turbo kit should set up all the gaskets, bearings, and lubrication. This process may involve removing the turbo from the header and ensuring that all interior parts are as clean as possible. This stage is also convenient for installing the wastegate and testing it for smooth operation before continuing with the subsequent step.

Setting up the engine for turbo

It is not recommendable that one mounts the turbo onto the motor. The fluid bearing uses oil from the sump to cool the turbine. This setup means that one requires a connection to grease the pan and additional filters to cater to any new oil pans. The installation mechanic should remove the existing exhaust on the exhaust manifold.

They then have to connect the turbo to the air filter housing and ensure that all gaskets and hoses have an undeniable connection and fitting. You will only have to top up your hummer with diesel after an excellent installation procedure by a mechanic.

What is the process of the HMMWV turbo conversion?

The purpose of a turbocharger is to compress air that flows into the engine. The compressed air aims to increase power with the increased fuel burn and air. The turbocharger consists of collaborative parts that convert waste energy from the compressed air. 

The exhaust gas passes to the turbine wheel through the housing and turns the turbine. It leaves the turbine through the housing to the compressors. The wheel spins and draws in the air as the blades spin at high speed.

The design of the housing converts the high speeds and low pressure of air streaming in, into high pressure and high-velocity air. The turbocharger uses exhaust flow from the engine to spin the turbine and air pump. The compressed and converted air gets into the engine and allows the engine to burn extra fuel.

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HMMWV turbo conversion
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